Heeey you guys! A friend of mine who lives a million and one miles away asked me about decorating his space which prompted me to think…well, why can’t I offer virtual design? I mean it’s dang 2017 and everyone else is doing it! I kid. But I don’t know…maybe someone like you will click and utilize the service 🙂 It’s there now. YAY! 🙂 And it’s no different from what…

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Happy New Year!

I am glad 2016 is over. While people gripe about losing beloved musicians and actors, I was more concerned with my own existence not going according to plan. 2016 was a tough one, full of depression and disappointments. I did travel to LA in March which was wonderful but aside from that? See ya ’16. This new year is bittersweet for me. Another year of life over. Since my year…

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Neutral Living Room Makeover

In my previous post I ended with a drab photo my mother sent me from some kids she knows on facebook. I may have been too harsh (naaah) and decided it would be better as a post all its own! Let’s imagine everything I’m about to say to you actually happened. Haley and her fiance Josh recently purchased a home in Tennessee. Through the glorious wonders of the internet, they…

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Imagining my next space

I’m sort of obsessed with wallpaper now. I’ve always liked it but rediscovered my interest in it when I was searching for wallpapers for Mom’s living room. It’s funny how tastes change. 5-6 years ago I really wanted a damask wallpapered bedroom with an aubergine upholstered headboard (I wouldn’t be caught dead with that now! :P). At the time I started this blog in 2014 I was really into giant floral…

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a confession/ Tiny spaces; a vignette

Oh my gosh, you guys. I apologize for the lack of content. I want to be transparent on this blog like so many wonderful bloggers that I admire but then I don’t want to break my lovely little veil of internet anonymity. I will say that this has been a very rough year for me. I briefly posted that I left my graphic design job in December 2015. 2015 was…

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Hughes living room refresh (but not a redesign)

I like to think of this as a step along the way to a makeover/living room redesign. A few weeks ago I surprised my mother by rearranging her living room. She loved it. Whew! When you have 0 dollars to buy new furniture you can definitely breathe new life into a space by moving your current furniture into a better flowing/more logical floor plan! I also wanted mother to get a…

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Built-in Bookshelf Makeover

I really never paid much attention to my mother’s bookshelves until recently. I admit I am not very observant when it comes to things that do not interest me, such as her collection of blue and white china, her annoying love for my horrible teenage years family photos, and tattered family bibles. When I photographed the living room for “before” shots for the makeover I’m working on I was appalled…

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Budget rooms: Walmart vs. Target. Living Room Price Comparison

  I went to Walmart over the weekend to get batteries. As I was walking through, I passed by a bunch of canisters and Tupperware storage items and thought “I bet I could blog about this.” It’s so easy to walk into Target and ooh and aah over all the cute Threshold or Nate Berkus merchandise. Target has been under fire recently for its new trans-inclusive bathroom policy and many…

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Inspiration, ROY G BIV Series

ROY G BIV: Red kitchens

I’d like to introduce a new series, ROY G BIV. I’ll go through the colors, discussing how to use them in a particular room. Or maybe I’ll show a bunch of rooms using that color. To start, of course is red. Red is one of those colors that can bring so much warmth to a space, but at the same time, can make it down right tacky and tawdry. Like…

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Mixing Styles on a budget

I was curious how cheap I could make a room, in the mid-century eclectic taste we know and love. So, I set out to find the cheapest sofa possible, keeping in mind the sort of furniture you may find in your local thrift, consignment, or on Craigslist. I give you the Bohemian Mid-Century Eclectic space. Just add more plants and textiles. If I were to buy a brand new sofa,…

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