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Art of the Television

I have owned 1 tv my adult life. I got one of those built in VCR tvs for my dorm room back in 2004. One of the last batches ever made (apparently in 2006, we all became dvd/flat screen fans*). I used that tiny tv in all of my apartments and it still works (kind of…). I like to joke it’s “vintage, they don’t make ’em like that anymore.” It’s…

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Services Pricing and E-Design Example

Hi guys. I have updated my services page to list my pricing. Over the years I’ve noticed some designers are transparent with pricing on their website and others are not. Well, this gal’s letting you know upfront — So the breakdown is as such: By the Hour $100/hr Full Design $700 per room + fees (emailĀ for details) E-Design $350 per room Send yo money to on Paypal. šŸ˜€ Now…

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The Craigslist Game (Palm Beach, FL)

I did this once beforeĀ , apparently thinking myself clever back then too (The Crying Game? The Craigslist Game! I thought I came up with that just now! I’m so lame). Anywho, I started a few entries but I don’t feel like finishing them just yet. So this seems like a fun fill! šŸ˜› I was poking around the hometown, went over to Los Angeles, and then remembered old people love…

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Vintage Ashtrays as Home Decor

I don’t smoke. Never have, never will. But ashtrays are something of a new obsession of mine. In fact, I read somewhere that Interior Designer Christopher Kennedy collects vintage ashtrays and I felt we shared a kindred spirit for useless stuff. Ha, I kid. I once gifted a vintage ashtray as a wedding present. Was it well-received? I don’t know. But it was pretty dang cool looking if you ask…

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ROY G BIV: Using Orange

I almost forgot about this series that I wanted to do! If you recall, I started with red in the kitchen. Ā Let’s take a look at orange next. I don’t like to use a lot of orange but I love it as a pop of color! Like my orange leather ottoman. Orange is one of those happy colors like yellow. Though you have to be careful what shade you use…

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One room, three ways

I mentioned I was helping someone decorate her space? Well, my client has downsized from a 1900s two-story to a 1950s one-story rancher. She has worlds of beautiful french antiques but so many of them are so big and out of character for her new digs. But we love them and we have to make them work in the new space!! You can’t get rid of French antiques! She has…

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My Dream Dressing Room

Don’t you wish our homes still had separate hers and his dressing rooms? I’m content to dress myself Ā without the help of a ladies’ maid (I wonder if Jim would like a valet?) but the idea of your own little oasis, surrounded by luxurious fabrics and all your lovely possessions sounds nice, doesn’t it? Maybe only to fashionistas and clothes horses but as someone with a growing collection of dresses…

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What’s That About Temporary Wallpaper?

Everywhere I look I see wallpaper making a big splash, with removable wallpaper being a major player. Genevieve Gorder has a line for Tempaper. Chasing Paper, a brand I found in a google search, has popped up on Emily Henderson and on the Today Show with Architectural Digest. Wallpaper in one shape or form will always be with us.Ā Here are 18 removable papers I fancied and hope you do too…

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Imagining My Next Space: the Bedroom

I’ve got another Art of the Mix for you! We’reĀ still residing in the little garage apartment, which I wrote about here. It has me lusting after rentals and dreaming up my own room plans and decor ideas. So much so I decided to design a bedroom that might work in an apartment with the living room I recently laid out here. I keep looking at the living room, getting lost…

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Neutral Living Room Makeover

In my previous post I ended with a drab photo my mother sent me from some kids she knows on facebook. I may have been too harsh (naaah) and decided it would be better as a post all its own! Let’s imagine everything I’m about to say to you actually happened. Haley and her fiance Josh recently purchased a home in Tennessee. Through the glorious wonders of the internet, they…

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