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The Craigslist Game (Palm Beach, FL)

I did this once before , apparently thinking myself clever back then too (The Crying Game? The Craigslist Game! I thought I came up with that just now! I’m so lame). Anywho, I started a few entries but I don’t feel like finishing them just yet. So this seems like a fun fill! 😛

I was poking around the hometown, went over to Los Angeles, and then remembered old people love Florida! Palm Beach is a mecca of mid-century! And so, I bring you Things to Buy from the Palm Beach Craigslist:

These 4 wrought iron face chairs ($350) are so good. I love face stuff (come on, who doesn’t love face stuff?) and this little gal even has earrings! The cushions provided are pretty gross but that’s an easy fix. These would be so cute on a patio!

This mid-century Drexel tallboy would be fun in a living room or dining room (set it up as the bar). Seller also has a matching dresser but I’d only go for the tallboy. One or the other…($450)

This candle holder! Only $35. These guys sell for a lot more on etsy/chairish. A great centerpiece for your table.

How about these seashell-esque scalloped slipper chairs! These would be so great recovered (if you’re not digging the orange. Oh but a bright plush velvety orange could be so good too). These would be so good in the right mix of furnishings! $150

These chairs need a bit of work but they’re only $15 (fifteen dollars!). Wicker back rolling club chairs. How great would these be recovered. Shoot, I’d put them inside at a dining table (you can give one to your bestie).

This is one of those dressers a lot of folks will paint (good lacquer candidate). It’s got a few dings so you have my permission to commence painting. 😛 9 drawers means lot of storage! Think outside the box and use as a credenza! 😀 $249

I quite like these Asian-inspired coffee tables. The chunkier the better. Also a good piece for mixing.

Guys, apparently this entire lot of furniture is $550. Are they INSANE! I would keep the night stands and sell the rest for profit. Haha.


I know what you’re thinking. “Miranda, that is hideous.” But you’re wrong. Don’t judge a sofa based on its print. Look at that shape. Those pillows! That low back. Oh my god, it’s perfection. Recover this baby and it’ll be a beaut. $149. Don’t cover it and live out your hipster dreams (but do throw out those arm rest covers).


Some craiglisters are in the serious selling business and will ship. I’ve never done it but dang I like that sofa! Just make sure you get insurance (never know who’s credible on craigslist). Hope you enjoyed. What city would you like next??

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