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Kitchen design

Kitchens. The heart of the home. So they say.

I personally hate standing around in the kitchen. Gimme a comfy chair, get me out of the heat. But hey, maybe that’s because I’ve been in some poorly designed cooking spaces?

When I was renting my little bungalow I had high hopes for that catastrophe of a kitchen. I tried rearranging for the “kitchen triangle“, I tried spray painting the cabinetry (like don’t do that, okay?), I painted the walls, and I had plans to put in new counter top. You know, in my rental. My vision never came to complete fruition and when I moved out, the walls were sort of white (painting plaster is hard), I clearly didn’t understand spray paint (only ordered 2 cans for like AN ENTIRE KITCHEN) and I left one cabinet 1/2 done. Didn’t get my deposit back on that one!

The point is, I need to spend a little more time on kitchens.

Here’s a little mid-century number I cooked up (HAHA, get it!) for the website’s homepage but didn’t use.

Some things to discuss:

Yes, you can hang a poodle in the kitchen. Why not?

Something I’ve been liking for a while now is upper and lower cabinetry that isn’t 1 color. Break up the monotony! All we see are white kitchens. Blah blah blah. I mean, slap all the marble you want up there, all the subway tile your heart pleases, but why not try something that isn’t in every house across America. Here I’ve left the flat-panel/slab teak lowers in their natural state (please!) and painted some lovely white uppers. Black hardware knobs for freshness. You could go brass/chrome/lucite…just depends.

A lot of young folk enjoy the mid-century trend, but I think they’re really missing the mark with their dining room furniture. Please stop buying the complete set. You are not your parents/grandparents. You really can mix and match your table and chairs. It is so much more modern and shows design sensibility to NOT buy matching tables and chairs (I see a new post in the future…dining table and chair pairings. If you can’t wait for my 2 cents, google it. It’s been done.).

Here I’ve stayed in the mc realm, with Italian metal chairs from the 1950s (like upscale dinette chairs!). They’re covered in a faux leather. I enjoy their delicate metal legs. The green picks up the rug.

Maybe something you hadn’t considered? A swinging sconce/wall light. Why not! A pendant light is a pendant light. Throw something new into the mix ( 1, 2). Pick up your black hardware. Accentuate your accents, baby.

Wallpapering the kitchen is nothing new. But instead of cowboys, plaid, and oranges, why not go for something colorful and graphic? Maybe it’s only the backsplash. Here I’ve chosen a Smeg refrigerator because of their color choices and various sizes. And its vintagey-ness.

And every room needs a plant(s).

1. Poodle painting / 2. Jean Prouvé Potence Wall Light (1) / 3. Vintage green dining chairs / 4. Danish mcm table (1) / 5. Vintage kilim (similar, kind of but not really. I’m just digging WM’s affordable new rugs!) / 6. Geo Wallpaper / 7. Smeggle

This is the bare bones of a kitchen but I’d want to hang out here, most def. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

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