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Built-in Bookcase Restyle

Around this time last year, I gave my mom’s book shelves a little makeover. Feeling like I could do better now a year later, I set out to restyle them.

Knowing she lacked books, I incorporated a few of my own. As well as a few of my knickknacks. The shelves are a bit of a think: how to you incorporate a lack of books, family photos, shelves that are too low to stand books upright, a large assortment of religious text, and blue and white tea pots.


A refresher, this is what Mom had originally in 2016. She focused more on grouping her collections together, less focus on books (like period. Hah).

Then I came along. You can read that blog entry here. What I did was make group shelves, like family bible shelf, childhood shelf, etc. For a while I thought it worked. I do think it was an improvement on Mom’s shelves but it definitely needed more help!


Enter me now in 2017. I chose to incorporate all items on each shelf. I did attempt a color scheme, with light colors running down the middle (the pinks, whites, blues, yellows, oranges), a splash of green, and kept the darkest colors on the outermost shelves.

When I started I had intended to incorporate all the family photos amidst the collections and books. When I ended, I was left with half of the framed photos not worked in. Oops. But every picture that was left out was of someone that is on the shelves. So, I didn’t think it really mattered?.

Most of the items are Mom’s but you might be able to pick out a thing of two that is mine: the walrus bookends, 1930s Fashion book, Spruce Reupholstery guide and a few other books. 😛

Mom said she wanted the middle shelf to be “eye catching.” I hope this one is! I found that green thing (flower vase?) at a thrift store thinking I’d found a cool piece. Now, every time I go to the thrift I see the exact same one! Obvi not one of a kind! Haha. Walruses are from a local antique store. Similar here (or look for Comoy of London).

If you took the time to look at these book spines closely you’d see fashion mixed with Jesus, cooking mixed with art…it’s a hodgepodge of words! I was going for color, not content (you know, the opposite of what you should do in life “don’t judge a book by its cover” thing).

I’m pretty pleased (for now) with how the shelves turned out. If you need something as simple as a bookcase styled, I’m here for you! 😉

For the sake of my website/portfolio, I decided to set up a little vignette. These are my high back chairs Mom’s temporarily using in her living room (found on Craigslist. Similar, 2, 3). World Market rug (WM’s rug game is strong).

Ready for you to take a seat and curl up with ….uh something up there on those shelves! 😀 😀 Hope you enjoyed!


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