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The Craigslist Game (Palm Beach, FL)

I did this once before , apparently thinking myself clever back then too (The Crying Game? The Craigslist Game! I thought I came up with that just now! I’m so lame). Anywho, I started a few entries but I don’t feel like finishing them just yet. So this seems like a fun fill! 😛 I was poking around the hometown, went over to Los Angeles, and then remembered old people love…

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Kitchen design

Kitchens. The heart of the home. So they say. I personally hate standing around in the kitchen. Gimme a comfy chair, get me out of the heat. But hey, maybe that’s because I’ve been in some poorly designed cooking spaces? When I was renting my little bungalow I had high hopes for that catastrophe of a kitchen. I tried rearranging for the “kitchen triangle“, I tried spray painting the cabinetry…

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