Living Room, Make-over

Built-in Bookshelf Makeover

I really never paid much attention to my mother’s bookshelves until recently. I admit I am not very observant when it comes to things that do not interest me, such as her collection of blue and white china, her annoying love for my horrible teenage years family photos, and tattered family bibles. When I photographed the living room for “before” shots for the makeover I’m working on I was appalled…

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Budget rooms, Inspiration, Shopping, The Art of the Mix

Budget rooms: Walmart vs. Target. Living Room Price Comparison

  I went to Walmart over the weekend to get batteries. As I was walking through, I passed by a bunch of canisters and Tupperware storage items and thought “I bet I could blog about this.” It’s so easy to walk into Target and ooh and aah over all the cute Threshold or Nate Berkus merchandise. Target has been under fire recently for its new trans-inclusive bathroom policy and many…

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Inspiration, ROY G BIV Series

ROY G BIV: Red kitchens

I’d like to introduce a new series, ROY G BIV. I’ll go through the colors, discussing how to use them in a particular room. Or maybe I’ll show a bunch of rooms using that color. To start, of course is red. Red is one of those colors that can bring so much warmth to a space, but at the same time, can make it down right tacky and tawdry. Like…

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Budget rooms, The Art of the Mix

Mixing Styles on a budget

I was curious how cheap I could make a room, in the mid-century eclectic taste we know and love. So, I set out to find the cheapest sofa possible, keeping in mind the sort of furniture you may find in your local thrift, consignment, or on Craigslist. I give you the Bohemian Mid-Century Eclectic space. Just add more plants and textiles. If I were to buy a brand new sofa,…

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Inspiration, Shopping, Tuxedo Sofa

Dream sofa: Tuxedo

These are 2 of my all time favorite living rooms, belonging to Cameron Diaz and Marisa Tomei. Kelly Wearstler, who designed Cameron’s apartment, can do no wrong. In fact, I purchased my vintage swivel chairs based on lust I have for Milo Baughman. Sadly his designs are out of my price range. These rooms are 2 different designers but look how similar they are: Tuxedo sofa, large cocktail table, vintage…

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Grey Gardens design inspiration

A year or some months ago, I attempted to watch Grey Gardens, the documentary by Albert and David Maysles  about fallen socialites Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter of the same name. I had no idea what the film was about at the time and after a few boring minutes of watching this strange scarfed woman yelling at her half-naked mother in a house of squalor I turned it off. Last night…

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